Massage Therapy in Guelph

Chris O’Connor, RMT

Chris O’Connor
Chris O’Connor RMT
150 Delhi St
43 N1E 6K9
Phone: 519-824-1010 ext 2172

Provider of Contemporary Medical Acupuncture.

Judith Guest, RMT

Judith Guest, Rmt
53 Darling Cres
Guelph, On
N1l 1P8

Tammy Townsend, RMT

Tammy Townsend, Rmt
235 Starwood Dr. Unit 3
Guelph, On
N1e 7E8

Mary Anne Patterson, RMT

Wellington Chiropractic And Wellness Group
12 Waterloo Avenue
Guelph, On
N1h 3H3

Yvonne DaMaren, RMT

Yvonne Damaren, Rmt
150 Woolwich St, 2Nd Floor
Guelph, On
N1h 3V3

Angela Dettweiler, RMT

Active Therapeutic Solutions
259 Grange Road
Guelph, On
N1e 6R5

Wesley Trebell, RMT

Meridian Wellness Centre
329 Woolwich Street
Guelph, On
N1h 3W4

Frank DeStefano, RMT

Frank Destefano, Rmt
85 Norfolk St. #105
Guelph, On
N1h 4J4

Doug Luke, RMT

European Aesthetic Spa
117A Surrey St. East
Guelph, On
N1h 3P7

Melanie Parkinson, RMT

Wellington Chiropractic & Wellness Group
12 Waterloo Avenue
Guelph, On
N1h 3H3

Danielle Workman, RMT

Norfolk Wellness Clinic
86 Norfolk St
Guelph, On
N0b 1B0

lynette segal, RMT

Lynette Segal, Rmt
36 Edgehill Drive
Guelph, On
N1h 5E2

Christine Veres, RMT

Christine Veres, Rmt
39 Marksam Road
Guelph, On
N1h 1X1

Louise Forrest, RMT

Norfolk Massage Therapy Centre
115 Norfolk St.
Guelph, On
N1h 4J7

Jennifer Lynch, RMT

Jennifer Lynch, Rmt
77 Westmount Road
Guelph, On
N1h 5J1

Denae Boshart, RMT

Arbour Physiotherapy And Guelph Osteopathic Centre
281 Stone Road East
Suite 103
Guelph, On
N1g 5J5

MaryBeth Templeton, RMT

Marybeth Templeton, Rmt
328 Woolwich St
Guelph, On
N1h 3W5

Julie Kemeny, RMT

Julie Kemeny Rmt, Registered Massage Therapy
317 Speedvale Ave. East, Suite 2
Guelph, On
N1e 1N3

Petya Hristova, RMT

Back 2 Basics Wellness Consultants
21 Surrey Streeet W
Guelph, On
N1h 3R3

Nadine Spengen, RMT

Nadine Spengen, Rmt

Sandra Harper, RMT

Sandra Harper, Rmt
39 Mcnulty Lane
Guelph, On
N1l 1L3

Marcell Meresz, RMT

Marcell Meresz, Rmt
52 Grey Oak Dr.
Guelph, On
N1l 1P3

Patrick Stiles, RMT

Wellington Ortho & Rehab Associates
3-86 Dawson Road
Guelph, On
N1h 1A8

Renata DeForest, RMT

Renata Deforest, Rmt
82 Woodborough Rd
Guelph, On
N1g 3K5

Christine Allard, RMT

Walton Chiropractic Centre
548 Woolwich Street
Guelph, On
N1h 3Y2

Lisa Loder, RMT

Lisa Loder, Rmt
44 Cardigan Street
Guelph, On
N1h 5E5

Craig Earley, RMT

Back To Basics Centre
21 Surrey Street W
Guelph, On
N1h 3R3

Dawn Schill, RMT

Wellington Chiropractic & Wellness Group
12 Waterloo Ave.
Guelph, On
N1h 3H3

Gianna Urbshas, RMT

Body & Sole Therapeutics
8 Gombas Place
Guelph, On
N1h 7E4

Kristin Dillon, RMT

Therapy Partners
113-450 Speedvale Ave. West
Guelph, On
N1h 7Y6

Karen Dombroski, RMT

West End Family Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Clinic
6-926 Paisley Rd.
Guelph, On
N1k 1X5

Laura Davey, RMT

Laura Davey, Rmt
54 Brant Avenue
Guelph, On
N1e 1G2

Wesley Bowers, RMT

Norfolk Wellness
86 Norfolk St.,
Unit 101
Guelph, On
N1h 4J2

Mary Gilroy, RMT

The Athletic Club
80 Stone Road West
Guelph, On
N1g 0A9

Susanne Lehmann, RMT

Active Therapuetic Solutions
259 Grange Rd.
Guelph, On
N1e 6R5

Darlene Rahn, RMT

Speed River Physiotherapy
715 Wellington St W
Guelph, On
N1h 8L8

Mairin Viol, RMT

Mairin C. Viol, Rmt
54 Cardigan Street (At Norwich)
Guelph, On
N1h 3Z6

Anne Goodden, RMT

Goodden Therapeutic Massage Clinic
7 Knevitt Place
Guelph, On
N1g 2S8

Renata DeForest, RMT

Elliott Chiropractic & Rehabilitation
#6 – 1027 Gordon St
Guelph, On
N1g 4X1

Marleen Castellan, RMT

Marleen Castellan, Rmt

Jennifer Balabuck, RMT

Hands On Healthcare
66B Delhi
Guelph, On
N1e 4J7

Susan Bentley, RMT

Bentley Therapeutic Massage Clinic
114 Dovercliffe Rd
Guelph, On
N1g 3A6

Melissa Finlayson, RMT

West End Family Chiropractic
926 Paisley Rd.
Unit #6
Guelph, On
N1k 1X5