Meagan Roback RMT, RMT

Meagan Roback RMT
Infinity Chiropractic and Wellness Centre
5-3091 Strandherd Dr.
Barrhaven, ON K2G 4R9
Phone: 613-440-8444

Meagan Roback

Clinic Director, RMT, BA (Hons)

Practicing since 2008

* Wellness Care * Rehabilitation * Preventative Care *

*Joint Therapy * Myofascial Release * Pre/Post Natal * Swedish *

* Posture * Headaches * Scar Tissue * Chronic Pain *

* Deep Tissue * Sports * Neuromuscular Therapy * Reiki *

As an experienced Registered Massage Therapist, I am able to provide the hands-on skills needed to mobilize soft tissue and its adjoining structures. By incorporating a variety of techniques and continuosly developing my skills, I am able to provide the therapeutic touch necessary to assist in healing and overall wellbeing.

My greatest interest in massage and bodywork is working with fascia and of course everything it supports, separates, connects to and nourishes. I believe the human body is not made up of separate parts, but rather one part which works in fluid motion to create movement, where ultimately what works for the client is the path I ensue.

Everything in the Human Body is connected, and my goal is to make the connections to ultimately treat the source of your physical ailments while also focusing on the symptoms and compensating structures resulting from your condition.

I work with posture as a focal point of my practice, where without proper alignment the body is not in balance; this leads to chronic pain, fatigue, and re-occurring injuries. If you are interested in balancing yourself from head-to-toe, make an appointment for your consultation and initial treatment. This is the first step and your opportunity in making the time to care for the body that works so hard for you everyday.

Massage Therapist: Meagan Roback RMT, RMT
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